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Braids: Care & More

Braids are one of the most common and favourite protective styles. But how do I take care of it? Does it hurt? How long does it take/last?

Here is everything you need to know about braids.

What are Braids (or "Box Braids" )?

Here, we are talking about synthetic hair that is braided very close to the scalp.

Does my hair have to be long?

No, just long enough to grip and braid the hair

Can my child get braids?

Yes. But because it is a long progress, your child could easily get impatient.

How long does it take?

Depending on the lenght it can last a few hours (between 3 or 9 hours)

Does it hurt?

The initial tensioning of the braids is completely normal but it should not hurt!

How long do they last?

They can hold up to three months depending on hair growth, tickness of the braids and how you take care of it

How do I take care of it?

- Protect you hair at night by sleeping with a satin scarf or a satin pillow (prevents frizz)

- If necessary, redo the edges

- Refresh the braids by putting on some hair mousse (I suggest putting it on a night with the scarf)

- Be gentle when washing

Can I wash them?

Only thing you can and should wash up to once a week is your scalp. Of course you can also wash the braids it will just be more difficult.

Use your usual shampoo and make sure to rinse well. Be gentle!

They should be washed as less as possible.

Can I swim/ go to the beach with my braids?

Yes you can. You will probably just have to wash them after.

Is it bad for my hair?

No. But you shouldn't do it too often because of the tension on your scalp. Switch it up a bit.

Too tight braids could damage the hair and scalp.

Make sure to tell you hairdresser if your hair has a lot of breakage, or of your scalp is fragile so he can adapt the style to your hair

Finally got my braids! They are a little itchy... Why?

Could be an allergic reaction to the synthetic hair (or the used hair products). To prevent this, try washing the synthetic hair with water and vinegar or use human hair.

Itch can also occur because of the tension on the scalp. It can last a few days. Try to put a little oil on your scapl every day until the itching stops

If you have more question I would be happy to help!

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